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Do you want to find out more about pediatrics? Here's some more information about the standard and unusual issues young children face.

Common Reasons Behind Fever in Children

The kind of fever in children can be varied. It can depend on the level of immunity. It can be a viral fever or fever due to vaccination. Here in this blog, we will discuss the most common ways to be aware of if you observe fever in your child.

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Importance of Nutrition In Children for Different Age Groups

There is no moment in life when providing appropriate and balanced nourishment is more important than during childhood and infancy. A good amount and proper composition of ...

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How to Treat Diarrhoea in Childrens

Are you looking for loose motion medicine for 4 years old or loose motion syrup for 3-year child? Then you are at the right place. After reading this piece of information, you will figure it out. We are closely discussing mainly how to treat Dia...

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Cold Syrup for kids in India is needed or not?

The common cold is a virus-borne sickness. Colds are caused by various viruses that mainly affect the nose, ears, and throat. Infected droplets from the lips and nose readily disseminate them from person to person.

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Corona remedies for children in India

Children under the age of two are not allowed to wear masks or receive the COVID-19 vaccine. For toddlers, there is a variety of corona remedies-information related to the corona vaccine for children in India aged above 15.

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Poor weight gain in newborn babies

In this blog, we put some focus on the causes of poor weight gain in newborns. It is not a sickness in and of itself but rather the result of a combination of medical, social, and environmental problems that prevent a child ...

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